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So yesterday passed by with few simple memories and it was a fine day.

1) Simply Fish

So, i went to Simply Fish in Jalan Melaka Raya 1. The main road in the Melaka Raya was reversed in direction, they say to ease congestion, but what the heck, the other side of the Melaka Raya got congested!

Simply Fish: I would say 4/5 if i want to give it a rating.

Simply Fish is a Western Seafood restaurant which is in the same kind of Fish n Co. and Manhattan Fish Market. The interior was good and give you the classy feeling although not that much also, it is better in Manhattan Fish Market!. But it does what it should do. Simple but nice interior of the restaurant. The Menu selection was varied, which is good. I ordered Ocean Supreme (S), priced at RM 21.90, while my friend took Classic Fish & Chip priced on promotion at RM 11.90.

The Ocean Supreme was only moderate in overall taste, the only downside is the sauce (the mayonaise mixture was small in quantity) and the prawn. Having eaten at both Fish n Co. and Mahattan Fish Market, i think Simply Fish does not rate near to both of them. It is good but kind of only So-So. hehe.


This is the decorated wall of Simply Fish

This is the decorated wall of Simply Fish














The Classic Fish and Chip was very nice and brings value for your money. An adequate portion of fish and a lot of chips, certainly at RM11.90 won’t dissapoint you.

2) Fishing

In the afternoon we went fishing at Pulau Melaka, this time we didn’t choose at the bridge but we went just a little off the Masjid Selat Melaka to the side more open to the Open Sea.

Unfortunately, my batu and mata kail always got stuck so i changed to other side where the sea enters the island makes a ‘lagoon’. The water there was static and much more peaceful! no false alarms on the fishing rod!

Since i’m a newbie in fishing. today i got my first ‘eatable’ fish which is eel/ or belut. Although you can eat it, this kind of belut is no one wants to eat!


This an Eel

This is an Eel













3) Penang Char Koay Teow

There is a Penang Char Koay Teow restaurant just opened at the roadside, near the traffic light in front of Masjid Al-Azim Melaka. It is just in front of Hospital Melaka. Apparently, The Koay Teow is damn good! But i like the Koay Teow only minus the CHAR. but my friends love the Char one, they ordered for another one!

That’s all during my birthday. It was a fine simple day! I like it!


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