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The Scums 0 – 0 Arsenal

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Boo Eboue! Again!

Another frustrating Arsenal performance by the whole team, especially Emmanuel Eboue. I couldn’t say in words of how frustrated i am, i’m sure the fans in London felt more pain cause it’s happening in front of their eye.

Another 2 points lost, another step forward to Europa League (The renamed UEFA Cup Competition). Could it be that Wenger wants to write the history book by winning it for the first time? Hell yeah if we win it, we will be a laughing stock if we don’t. That said, it is still the second standard competition whatever you want to call it. No real pleasure of being in it either.


Eboue being given the first yellow card

Eboue being given the first yellow card

Sad Eboue after red carded

On Eboue, i think he is overexcited since it is a derby match, but he didn’t need to since tottenham hotspur (the scums) is a total disgrace on the pitch, no real game plan, no sparks, no fluent passing, no dangerous attacking whatsoever. But Arsenal did not play any better either, coupled with overexcited eboue, we got the red card. 10 men down, and the scums still being the scums did not pose any real danger.

Yet again, wenger did not have any idea on what to do, or how to change the game.


Written by abduljabbar

February 9, 2009 at 12:26 am

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