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This is a Start, Cancer & Women vs. Men

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Yeahoo! Berjaya mengemaskan bilik dan meluaskan pemandangan bilik aku! 

Tiada lagi kesesakan, kebingungan, kebengangan. Mari mulakan pembelajaran untuk habiskan tahun ke empat! yeah!

I just don’t want for today being just “Another day lost” in the run up towards the exam, which start on 17th March.

Exam yg sangat besar, exam yg penuh makna, dan yg aku selama ni tak sabar utk mendudukinya, tetapi adakah aku sudah bersedia? i really hope i am.


Prof. Jaspal, seperti biasa menghidupkan suasana di dalam klinik ENT, dgn berbagai bagai cerita best, cerita sedih, dan falsafah2 beliau.

Aku teringat kata2 Prof. Jaspal semalam, dia cakap tentang cancer.

Cancer, once upon a time, is a real bad ass killer, silent killer, serial killer, call it whatever you want, but not anymore.

Skrg sudah ada byk dan mcm2 ubat dan cara rawatan kanser, tetapi faktor yang paling penting yg menyebabkan kanser tidak menjadi pembunuh ngeri seperti dulu ialah, pada zaman skrg kanser dapat dijumpai dalam peringkat awal, yang mana tidak membahayakan, malah pesakit boleh ‘sembuh’ daripadanya. Banyak lagi cerita2 Prof Jaspal yang mmg membuatkan kita bersyukur kat tuhan bile didengari.


Tetapi yang paling best dalam prof. jaspal punye cerita, die kata, dalam banyak2 patient die, die found out that perempuan compared to lelaki mmg more stronger in terms of emotional and mental strength. This in itself a paradigm shift from the 70-80s.

During those time, prof Jaspal said, he used to think that male gender is strong in all aspect, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and it is true when you look into the employment and the achievement. But as time goes on, The so called “Gender Shift”, a term coined by Prof Jaspal himself is beginning to take place. Women in herself is a strong mental and emotional human being, during that time started to claim their right in the world.

Aku dah mula tuka2 english dgn melayu pulak dah, aku kalau tgh high mmg english aku tulis, tapi kalao bercakap aku suka ckp bahasa melayu, haha,menulis lebih suka english, huhu…. tapi takpe, going on ok…

Prof Jaspal said men is good intellectually but what makes women special is their ability to focus things to be done at hand, right away.

He said that, men always planning planning and planning, and never do it, or never pull the trigger. but women otherwise, just do things, and leave the planning to the men. He describe it in a typical couple relationship, men always plan where to go and where to eat, and how is the chronology on what to do, and the women just do it, and have more time because she is not planning, and just doing her stuff on her own good time. I dont exactly remember how Prof Jaspal told me but the way he said is explanatory in itself.

The most compelling evidence is just by looking at the position where men used to dominate, such as head of departments in a given Hospital in Malaysia. he said, “just look at our own hospital here, back in my time, we are the one who’s in charge, but now we are the one in their charge”.

So my fellow species of Men, come up and stand up and prove that we can gain back our top level. hahaha. Just kidding! In my own opinion, this current situation is a win-win situation, where whoever does good, get the goods. Both gender need each other to complement each other. Hehe.

So that’s all my grumbling today, sorry for changing from the beginning malay language to english language at the end. If you meet me in person, i’ll be definitely talking in Bahasa. hah!

ps: to nadiahchem, d3lia5, and suessy, if you are reading this why not make a post and discuss your own opinion? what say you? Okay? Not okay? i don’t mind anyway….hehehehe….

Written by abduljabbar

February 25, 2009 at 7:59 pm

2 Responses

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  1. ok I dah respond here. why not u summarize kan sebab I dah baca pon macam still stuck2 jer faham die tu. hahahaha. btw.. i just pick this one:

    “perempuan compared to lelaki mmg more stronger in terms of emotional and mental strength.”

    iyer ker? ke die tgk time pompuan beranak jer? memang la pompuan beranak kena strong. tapi bagi I, tetap nak cakap lelaki tu strong la sbb I gurau2 terpukul my husband, tangan I yang sakit, die just gelak2 jer (benci. betul ker ape yang aku cakap ni dgn tajuk?)

    btw, jabbar, kalo u nak ur entry more interesting, why not u google something, survey and paste some evidence here. baru syok bace sbb ade source and it’s not only you who make some story. ok tak my idea?

    k cont cite kat i


    February 26, 2009 at 9:35 am

  2. emotionally n mentally stronger. betul lah tu. aku sggh bersetuju.hihi. u never know what woman are capable of. huahua. okey la tu kan. men have physical strength, women have the inner strength. complement each other pe.

    aima hassan

    March 4, 2009 at 11:47 pm

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