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The Adventurous Journey to the Long Case of mine

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Breaking the long break of not blogging sure is a relief! it’s been 26 days since my last post! I haven’t finish the month of examination yet but i just felt relief that the big part is just over yesterday….

I just finished the 2nd part of the total 4 parts of my final 4th year exam.

This 2nd part is the hardest compared to the other 3 parts. I just went through it with a lot effort just to calm myself and to be composed in the presentation.

This 2nd part is called “Clinical Examination” by it’s official name, but students and lecturer just called it “Long Case” when referring to it.

Just an intro, in this “Long Case” exam,

1. We are given a random patient under a random department (either one of medicine/surgery/obstetrics/gynecology/pediatrics/orthopedics)

2. In a given ONE HOUR, we need to clerk and interview the patients about all his/her complaints and additional questioning pertaining to the complaints and all her details which is important in regards to diagnosis, further investigations, management and treatment.

3. In the same hour, we are required to complete examining the patient’s body/system (respiratory/cardiovascular/abdomen/thyroid/etc, whatever relevant), PLUS other system which related to it.

4. We also need to make up our mind towards it’s diagnosis, differential diagnosis, reasoning for diagnosis, and reasoning on why we ruled out other differential diagnosis.

5. After the one hour gone by, we will face 3 panel of specialist, the main specialist is pertaining to the department we are given, plus 2 specialist from other department.

6. We are required to present the case from A to Z. Everything that you could in a space of 10 minutes.

7. The next 10 minutes we required to show examination techniques and show findings in the patient to the examiner. It is done on the patient, observed by all 3 specialists.

8. The last 10 minutes, we will be asked further questions by the 3 specialists on what ever questions they might want to ask.

9. The bell rings, and your time of ONE HOUR of interview+examine plus HALF HOUR of viva interview with the specialists is up. Your fate is sealed.

This “Long Case” Examination for me is an adventurous journey because of:

1. If you understand about the examination methods i had given above, now i want to tell about the schedule given.

2. so the examination coordinator, Assoc. Prof Dr. Adinegara (Our college’s statistic man, he is in love with statistic, in his own words!,hehe), arranged for us comprises of 140+ students, into 5 different days (monday to friday) of examination.

3. In order to be fair and to avoid BIAS, he said he uses Simple Random Sampling to randomized the arrangement of students, randomized the allotment of day for each students, randomized the patients given on each day, randomized each day patients for different students (plus randomizing department as well), randomized specialists team in 5 random days for randomized different patients. BUT all happens in very organized manner. I salute him. What a job.

4. It happens to me that i got the very last day out of the 5 days, the friday for my long case examination, patiently waiting, day by day by day by day im waiting for my turn.

5. I study and study, and getting frightened time and time again, it’s like a fluctuating graph if i were to plot my mood & study on a graph.

6. On monday, i heard a lot of stories of different kind of cases that the students get, the story of specialist being so damn pissed off, heard story of specialist being so nice and patients being so nice.

7. Then on tuesday i heard totally different story of weird and rare cases, there on wednesday i heard some more devastating weird cases, then on thursday again. but i embracing each day as it comes, it’s a tough one to do.

8. it’s like an adventure through a thick jungle, at the end of it, the friday came, and my turn came.

9. I got a Q! it’s obstetrics/gynecology department. and i’m on the 3rd turn to go to start my long case clerking which is on 9.40am yesterday.

10. Syukur Alhamdulillah it all went well with patients being so nice and the specialist being so kind and helpful as well.

11. I just relieved and thankful to Allah a lot as He has given me the courage to go through and making it well for me. I really hope i was doing good yesterday. and i really Tawakkal now, for me to be passed!

I have 2 more parts to go, more stuff to be studied, i just relieved of finishing the long case i just want to write on my blog! hahaha. see ya~~


Written by abduljabbar

March 28, 2009 at 3:54 pm

3 Responses

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  1. yeah! way to go bro!
    sikit lagi! kuatkan semangat sampai ke final part.
    mentari pasti kan muncul kembali bila gerhana telah pergi…


    April 1, 2009 at 1:08 am

  2. thank you nadiah! smlm 2nd last part was a very hard one, tomorrow is the last one, 180 questions with 5 choice of answer = 900 statements to read in 3 hours! challenging!


    April 1, 2009 at 1:02 pm

  3. wohooo…it sure is tough. not everyone can be a doctor. proses penapisan lah tu.. hehe
    and my result will be out soon. very soon.
    all the best bro!


    April 2, 2009 at 9:08 pm

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