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A Chronic Problem & A Fierce Person

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1)A Chronic Problem – Window Shopping through Internet

It’s the third week of final year, yet i’m still my 1st gear, very malas malas, not that hardworking, instead for a few days in the past 2 weeks, except than that i’m totally lazy, time would passed me by just like that, day by day, night by night…

I’m caught up again, with the same old problem, i am continuing my bad habit of long hours in front of the laptop, doing what? Window Shopping…. yeahh….

I’m currently hunting for a new Digital SLR Camera for my lonely Lens Tamron that i bought before i went off to Indonesia. In indonesia, i borrowed my brother’s camera to fit the lens that i bought, now i’m left with the unusable lens since i got no camera body.

From forum to forum, online shop to online shop, sending multiple emails and messages to forumer, just to get the best buy, at the cheapest price, and trust me, without i’m realizing it, it took so much of my time, so much of my energy, and so much work is being postponed, i’m behind my schedule! 

there is at least 6 big forums on the net that has countless of digital SLR camera selling at a very rapid pace, with so much items being traded each day, it makes me wonder sometimes, that maybe this 6 big forums is an economic entity by itself, running on itself, with hundreds of transactions occur in one week time, involving thousands of money, money changing hands, and many of them support their family through this method.

i’m one of many thousands that are caught up with the forum mania on the internet, how should i stop? it is consuming me!! arrgghh! hahaha….

i can’t just ignore it, if i surf for a little while, i’ll get stuck, but if i don’t at all, i’m quite restless becoz i’ll be aching to know what is going on in the forum, but when i do enter the forum, it’s hard to pull out. I thought it is over when i went to indonesia, where i don’t have internet connection at ease, there in indonesia i felt the bad habit has gone, but it resurface the moment i got back in Melaka! i know it i know it, it’s funny right? LOL!!! hahaha….

how lah?

2) A Fierce Person

i really gotta buck up tonight, especially when thinking, that the most fierce lecturer in the universe is going to come tomorrow:

I’m expecting to get: “You are stupid, bloody hell, bloody dogs, your brain is useless, useless donkey, stupid dogs, nitwick, bugger of the first order, rich brat and plus many more new vocabulary tomorrow”.

With him, you can’t predict a thing, don’t ever think you are well prepared, you never will, at least for his eyes, nobody is never good, and nobody is never prepared.

BUT, there will be one/two time a miracle will come, where he will teach, and that time, only god knows, but perhaps he is one of the best lecturer ever!

In reality, looking at his mood graph drawn over the past 2 weeks, and it has been showing increasing pattern and peaking just about yesterday and monday, i’ll predict we are gonna get something nasty from him tomorrow!

Sayonara! Embrace the fear factor!


Written by abduljabbar

May 26, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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