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Decisive Decision

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1) Canon EOS 20D

After long hours of thinking, asking other’s opinion i decided to pursue what i have thought before and forget the better camera of two in my options. I decided to go with Canon EOS 20D which perfectly fit my budget although it is few years behind Canon EOS 40D which also being sold by the same person.

I decided not to swallow the ‘poison’ of the 40D and stick to reality that i do not have that much money for 40D (another rm1000) and i’m not using this hobby to gain extra side income either, so i decided i needed to make a decisive decision between these two, and finally i really confident to go ahead with my former plan, which is the Canon EOS 20D.

When buying something that you want especially for your hobby, always have an extra money for yourself, dont spend it all at once for your hobby, think, assess, measure, compare, asks opinions, before deciding to buy. A lot of poison came from, and temptations from stuff that are much better but, BETTER DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN THE BEST FOR YOU!

My criteria for choosing is

1) How good the stuff is (depending on what you wanna buy)

2) How is your financial & your budget

3) Thorough market research & explore and compare prices between sellers & vendors

DONE! you may ask me, Why you dont measure the degree of NECESSITY? Well, when it’s a hobby, it is always not a necessity, so it is OUT OF THE QUESTION!! hehehe….

2) The Champions League 2009 Final. Man Utd Vs. Barcelona

Personally i don’t like both team, but i don’t like Man Utd much more, since i am an Arsenal Fan, and there’s thousands of reasons to hate Man Utd, i don’t even know how to start. Why i hate Barca?  (Barca=Barcelona). I hate them because they are bunch of posers, since Arsenal lost in Champions League 2006 Final undeservingly to them, i truly madly deeply hate them, because they did not deserve to win, furthermore they are posers and saying they are the ‘best in the world’ kind of shitty stuff…. argghh…. [Jump & scroll down to skip my super-analysis of the game]

Anyway, taken from a neutral point of view, the game last night was a good game indeed, albeit a little bit slower pace than we used to see how Barca played in their week-to-week league game. There is two most DECISIVE DECISION by Jose Pep Guardiola is to play Messi slightly deep in the center, and to hold the ball in midfield a little bit longer to slow the tempo.

1)With Messi in the position of Xavi/Iniesta in their usual game play, attack became unpredictable, something that the tall Man Utd Central Defender Vidic & Rio couldn’t cope up with, let alone Evra and Oshea which is in another world by themselves chasing ghosts.

2)Xavi & Iniesta playing more central in midfield, holding the ball a tad longer than usual, with some of the times running forward ahead of Messi,making the ball stays with Barca longer, and agitate Man Utd players chasing the ball all around the field.

Messi in a Central attacking midfield position proves a real threat, that confuse man utd defenders, shuffling places with Eto’o on the right and Henry on the left. Add Xavi & Iniesta with their usual pin-point unpredictable precision pass with Puyol on the right side into the Equation, barca control the game comprehensively. So the game was written in history.

As for Man Utd, they didn’t exploit except for the first 10 minutes of the game, the absolutely obvious super weak Barca defence line at full force with proper tactic. Ronaldo always trying to prove he is the best person on the universe, with Rooney playing without using his brain, and Carrick that seems lost in the Stadio Olimpico, plus Anderson who seems to naive for this big Final Champions League. Giggs & our own Asian man, Park Ji-Sung is the only two that seems to follow any real sort of game plan, with others only following part & parcel of the Ferguson game plan.

[Jump and Read down here to save your time]

And the 2nd goal by Lionel Messi sums up the whole night. A Magic Header Goal, putting even Maradona to shame, by not using his hand to head the goal onto the net of  Van Der Sar. Xavi on the outside of the penalty box hook up a beautiful curving ball towards center of the penalty box, with Messi dashing towards it, bending his head backward a little bit before unleashing head movement forward to lop-headed the ball above Van Der Sar and into the goal.

The amazing thing was, Rio-Vidic pairing considered the best defence in the world, comparing their height Rio with 1.89 meters & Vidic with 1.88 meters and the goal keeper Van Der Sar  is 1.97 meters!! Lionel Messi is only a mere school-going boy height at 1.69 meters, able to get a clear header, although he jumps so hard, that his right boot was off his foot at that time, and clearly surpassing Van Der Sar to enter the net. Rio was only able to watch while Vidic is nowhere to be seen. Such a will of power from a small guy. I’m telling you HEIGHT DOES NOT MATTER! I am that happy to see Messi, a short guy, showing to the world that he’s good, and you know what, i think i got the same thing with Messi. I am short too, at 1.58 meters but i always has an extra strong confidence in me, because HEIGHT DOES NOT MATTER! hahaha…if you think that i am merapu too much, just smile okay!

end of the story, i want to sleep now….kruuhhh….snorringgg….!!


Written by abduljabbar

May 28, 2009 at 5:05 pm

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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  1. There are dozens of digital SLR cameras on the market today; however, there are few clear or consistent guides to which ones are the best quality and most reliable. Well, Which Digital SLR Camera? has personally tested and evaluated these digital SLR cameras so to give you an easy and simple recommendation of which ones you should choose and which ones you should avoid.


    May 31, 2009 at 7:02 am

  2. I’ve looked up to Canon for a long time. A few months ago I think that as a business it had suffered. For a short time their eye for particularly camcorder design wasn’t what it used to be and in my experience, the standard of Canon’s camcorder manufacture was going downhill. HOWEVER, today I think they are tops even though they aren’t the cheapest camcorders.

    Canon Fan

    May 1, 2010 at 12:00 am

  3. my first digital SLR camera was an EOS450D, now i have an EOS550D which also shoots high resolution video “”

    LED Torch ·

    November 14, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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