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I just came back from Bangi & arrived in Melaka last night at around 9pm.

What a weekend it was. Awesome but at the same very tiring. But i learned a lot also.

Last friday:

A friend in KDU college, whom i get to know about 5 years ago, who was a very chill person, who always thinking what to do the next day, can only think what clothes to buy, what food to eat and what movie to watch next, and all that sort of thing. He loves being single & don’t want any sort of attachment. I know him, and know his attitude very well.

He told me. “I bet that you will be married early, at least before me!”.

But on friday, i attended his Marriage Ceremony, The Majlis Akad Nikah in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor. Reality did not sink in fast in me, considering it is him. How things can changed dramatically only in a few years. He seems to be very calm, relaxed, his words shows maturity, and the fact that he is marrying the person he love, before he even finish his degree, shows just about everything, shows that he is matured, ready for a new world.

Anyhow, he still retains the same, that little bit cheerfulness & ‘selamba’ style. Ah, good ol’ friend….

Congratulation Zaim!

Last Saturday:

In the morning i went to ChartNexus Stock Selection Seminar, there i learned about drawing resistance & support to the chart that we want, in any counter of the Stock Market. It was fun, and i’m glad that more young people, and more malay people is joining this type of Seminar, the one where they teach you how to make more money from Stock Market, by being a “Trader”.

I’m hoping to be a good & sound trader. By my friend’s word: “Trading is not about money, it is good when it is about being a good trader, stick to your strategy, know the right thing to do at the right time”.

Thereafter i went to my friend’s friend wedding. I didn’t know the couple since i was just following my friend right after the seminar. We were in Klang, and the streets are crowded & topsy turvy, and the Map on the Invitation Card didn’t help either.

Luckily we have Nokia Maps on two phones, first it was my phone and i used it until the battery dies, and we still havent reach yet, then continued with my friend’s phone, till we reach the designated ceremony, right there, my friend’s phone also died out of battery.

Two mighty phones strives till the end of battery, ‘berjuang sehingga titisan battery terakhir’ to reach the friend’s wedding.

After that late in the afternoon, i followed my friend to Songket’s house.

He is buying songket to match his baju melayu for akad nikah.

His fiancee told me, as i was helping my friend & blabbering about choices of colour and style: “ko ni dah sesuai nampak jadi pengapit”. aiyoyo…my old habit came back without im realizing, even in the songket’s house!, the one when i usually accompany anyone to shopping, i would be criticizing, helping & pointing out features of anything that they buying.

This time also: This closest friend of mine is also getting married, compared to yesterday, this friend of mine, for me, has had much more remarkable changes in his attitude & way of thinking. Maybe when we knew each other, we were still very young, very child-like attitude. Suddenly Taylor Swift song came through my mind, in the Love Story song in one line of the song:

“We were both young, when i first saw you”.

Apakah? (ala2 ayim sket)

What? I couldn’t be that jiwang? hahahaha…I’m just too happy for him. Congratulation friend!


In the morning i was playing squash with a friend. He managed to win one set. He made progress so very much, i’m still very much the same, couldn’t be more than that. Sooner or later i’ll be bullied by him in Squash play. haha… but it was fun, after serious play, there will be some tired-induced sloppy play & different kind of new invention.

We were playing Badminton-Squash yesterday as well as Sepak Takraw Squash, i dont want to elaborate any further but it was damn funny! Hah Hah. 🙂

Later in afternoon, i helped my mom to pack up the “pelamin” from one of her customer house. My mom said she want to go urut2, so i have to be “son of the boss” to go there and pick those pelamin up back to my mom’s saloon & bridal center.

go to purwati.com.my for further info ok.


I was so tired in the morning, i barely survive the first 20 minutes in Prof. Wong class, after that it’s only standing to survive till the end of class, every minutes wishing the class would finish faster and faster.

And there was MV class in the afternoon.

We were discussing beforehand in the Sports Complex as a group. I told to myself i wont be beaten by MV and tried my best to answer all the question, but i ended up sleeping in the couch that were present in the Sp.Complex classroom. Perhaps i was too tired.

MV came, shouted, bang, spitting away all his sensible-nonsense to us, and it irritates me and i tried my best ‘berjuang’ fighting sword to sword, increased my voice and put more confidence in it, although being number of time getting scolded, and it was a win on my side.

I am happy but i know i couldn’t be completely joyful since, “Only The Battle has been won, But there War is not over yet”. The war is referring to Surgery Posting.

Mydin Mall, Ayer Keroh, Melaka

At the end of it, i want to enjoy & went to the new Mydin Mall, Ayer Keroh,Melaka. Yes, indeed, a “Mydin” Mall!!! It was so damn big! I’m enjoying my hobby of shopping and looking stuff around a-la window shopping & got back home Rm100++ worth of stuff!

Tomorrow & Beyond: let’s just hope everything is going smoothly for me!


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June 2, 2009 at 2:33 am

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