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The Miracle of Today

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Today, a miracle happened. I have seen nothing like this before. Not even once!

[THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2009]

(11am) It started during lunch with rav, raz & charles, rav got a message,

“tomorrow morning everyone must get together in the classroom in college, please bring you portfolio cases and your rough work book used in the ward. YOU CAN ALREADY KNOW WHO IS COMING TOMORROW OK”.

There we was, in awe, shocked with the news. Prof V (not his real name), the head of department, the fierce surgeon, will come tomorrow, and he will slice & cut through every bit of us without any hesitation.

(2pm) In the afternoon class, Prof W came in and gave us a newsletter regarding the tomorrow and the next 2 week. Again. Another shock happen.

My group alone will be taken by Prof V himself, instantaneously, fear creep through my skin, anxiety fast becoming entangled with my brain & heart.

In addition to that, I am scheduled to have a Surgery End-of-Posting Test next wednesday, although this posting still have 2 weeks to go.


My mind straight away calculated number of case write up needed. By right i should have 8 cases written up by the 4th week. The fastest pace i can write up a really complete case is about 1.5 hours. and I’m short of 3 cases.

(4pm) I got another 16.5 hours to go before tomorrow 8.30am for Prof V’s class.

in my calculation, i need 1.5×3=4.5 hours. + i need another hour to fill up empty spaces in previous cases. And my portfolio is in dire condition. I need to repair it back at the Uncle Photostat shop (besides the 7 eleven). That would amounting to 4.5+1+1 = 6.5 hours.

16.5 hours – 6.5 hours = 10 hours – 6 hours sleep = 4 hours for Eating, relaxing, shower and etc.

(4.30pm) i started to write cases in the Library. Then got back home and continue and without even getting up i did a long marathon of writing cases non stop for a few hours.

I only had 6 slices of bread with Tuna Mayonaise Light and by 2 am in the wee of morning i felt dizzy, headache, nausea and felt like to throw up. I stopped. I just sleep. I just reached my maximum capacity

I only managed 7 cases. 1 more? naaah… i’ll drop dead if i continue.

[FRIDAY, 5th JUNE 2009]

(8.30am sharp) Rav, 1mm, charles, and ayim looks as nervous as me, and rav said he only managed 6 cases. Ayim said she finished 7 cases that took her till 4 am before she slept.

{8.40am) Arrival of Prof V. He wears small boxes blue shirt with striking green tie.

(8.45am) “Give me your case”, as he pointed out toward ayim. My heart is pounding hard, but with a smile on my face, to hide my anxiety from him. I prayed hard in myself, “let there be no slip-up, please, amin”.

(8.50am) “where is your drawing??!” said Prof V in slightly neutral face. ayim replied = “Oh, Uh, i forgot sir!”……

(8.50am, 55 second on the clock) ……..An eerie silence creeping through in all of us…. any moment now the “bloody-hell-stupid-donkey” yanking will come out from his mouth…. it felt like it was the longest moment of today.

(8.51am) “Oh okay, but you should have drawn it my dear, it’s easier for me to check and correct your case write-up, don’t forget about it after this okay!”

I was completely utterly taken aback by that, totally unexpected of him. Then, i already realized he is in a good mood today. Alhamdulillah.

(8.52 am – 10 am) WHY IT IS A MIRACLE.

The session went through smoothly.

The miracle was: Prof V does not even utter a single yanking word of his usual-yanking manner to us even though me and ayim made many mistakes,

And especially i did a super-grave-double-trouble-damn-big mistake = I write Left side, but my drawing shows the swelling is on the right side of the patient’s body.

He just says in soft and respectful voice = “This is a dangerous mistake, don’t ever repeat this again okay, remember that.”

SUCH A MIRACLE!  why? see below to read how he usually responded.

Normal Prof V in his normal day in normal mood responds for a very simple mistake=

(in LOUD, YANKING manner of Voice, in front of 30+ people which is your friends, doctors, and patients)

“Hey you donkey, I can’t tolerate this stupid mistake, you stupid fool doctor, you are such a disgrace in the community, what fools are you? You don’t fit to become a doctor! How can a patient be treated the way you did? You Bloody Rascal you don’t even know what you are doing, yet you say you want to treat the patient, you Bloody Fool! “

wait…not finished yet….

“You all are stupid, bloody rascal (while pointing finger to our group,still in front 30+ people), Bloody Hell! You all are a JOKER you know, coming here, standing, go here and there and never actually study and pretending to become doctor, Bloody disgrace! There are no other people more stupid than you, you stupid dungu! You all are nitwick, true bugger, bugger of the first order! Shame on you stupid fools! You are not belong here.”

“GET OUUUUUTTT!!!!!!!” while he pointed the way out of the ward.

It is not depending whether you studied enough or not, it always depends on his mood. For a real long time, a lot of us has done thorough observation & study on him and we conclude it really come down to his own mood swings.

BUT not today. Today is RARE. Today he is so nice, and none of the words uttered from his mouth. I would say, Alhamdulillah…. No bigger word to describe how grateful i am. More grateful because i’m able to witness with my own eye of this miracle. Allah is Great!

In the end, a lot of other mistakes we made but he was so nice and just rectify us with smooth soft tone with good vocabulary. He went off the class at 10am and left us happy and we remembered well what he thought in the class.

When he actually teaching, he is good…but you rarely get that….you know what i mean…hehehehehehehe……

I got back and slept, and during friday prayers, i was shivering, sweating, couldn’t stand, and felt very weird. I think i’m hypoglycemic, since my last big meal was yesterday’s 11am lunch. I got back at the house and just eat the tuna can and finished it off plus some cold drink water. I got better.

That’s it for today. This is mine. What is your Miracle of lately?


Written by abduljabbar

June 5, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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  1. subhanallah.. u r one lucky guy! that is a serious mistake. kalau nak amputate kaki kiri, tapi dlm report tulis kaki kanan, abis la pesakit. haha!
    but u made it man. memang hari bertuah lah.
    i love this entry. jaga makan k. dont let yourself hypoglycemic again.


    June 6, 2009 at 5:53 pm

  2. soto pun tak boleh cover before jumaat tu?
    haha. threshold ko rendah sggh.:D

    aima hassan

    June 7, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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