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A Turbulent & Happy Week

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This is a recap of several things happening with me right after the miracle of last friday. The week hasn’t finished yet but i ain’t gonna wait until it’s end coz i got so much to tell.

If you find this entry too long, choose any day that you want to directly skip to and here is the list:

1) Saturday: The Durian Madness

2) Sunday: Wedding & Why I am not ready yet.

3) Monday:  Another Episode of The “Beloved” Prof V’s Craziness

4) Tuesday: We made it through & Canon 20D

5) Wednesday: The Panic Attack of Unexpected Circumstances of an Exam.

6) The Good-food Eating-Streak

The Durian Madness [Saturday, 6th June 09]

Last saturday, Razmi invited me, shaffik, faisal & kay to his uncle’s Durian farm near merlimau, on the way to muar, by the side of the AMJ Highway road. Yes, A DURIAN FARM indeed!

i can’t tell you how much i love durian! being a second to Jambu Batu, yes i love Jambu Batu as the first one, and Durian the second. Oh, i just love the durian.

As we arrived, we went straight to the Durian Farm and search for the Durians on the ground, we found 5 of it and brought them back to Razmi’s uncle house, and there, there is already a lot of Durian stacked by the side of a wooden rack just waiting for us to rip it open.

The best part is, the part where Razmi’s Uncle said, EAT AS MANY DURIANS YOU CAN, but the better part really is, IT IS ALL FOR FREE!! I can’t even remember how many Durian being opened, but i’m sure it is close to 20, let alone it is impossible to remember the number of Durian seeds inside it that i had eaten. I just love the smell of it, and can’t get enough of the taste and the ‘hotness’ sensation. I was definitely in another world!

Shaffik stopped first, followed by Faisal, Razmi, and lastly Kay, that also because Kay came late and started eating only after Shaffik, Faisal and Razmi has finished eating and cannot take it anymore, Faisal already knocked out and slept soundly.

Me? I started first, continue and continue eating without a stop, when Kay arrived, i continue eating with him, and when he stopped, i still continue with it. I just can’t stop! haha….Duriaaaaannn…..

Wedding & Why I am not ready yet. [Sunday, 7th June 09]

Last sunday, Khai and I went to Rohanis’ Wedding, one of our schoolmate back in secondary school is getting married, she is one of the 10 earliest schoolmate getting married. There were, Apai, Azmir, Acong, Nazri, Azrul, Khai, myself, and ariff. Only 8 of us came at that time, and i hear that hery, sitoi and dina had came already earlier before us and already went off from there before we came.

Congrat to Rohanis, another one gone from single to married.

What about me? I ain’t ready yet. Of course i want to, but the time is just not right for me. I have several personal goals i want to achieve first, one of it, is to be a better man, in maturity, religiously & in attitude, for me to be a better husband, a better father and a better person for the community.

Another Episode of The “Beloved” Prof V’s Craziness [Monday, 8th June 09]

In the morning, we knew we were not going to get our “beloved” Prof, and we also knew that we were not going to get him either for the afternoon session. But fate was not on our side, or in a better way, we are fated to get him & at the worst time.

We were with Dr.MM when it happened, suddenly we heard loud, super dang bung bang voice from the other room followed by many people rushing out, and short after our Prof came in and shouted, “You know what i found out with the other group?” he continues… “I found out how bloody fools you are, they are all such a disgrace!”

All of us stunned, utterly eerily keeping silent while waiting for the next word from him. He pointed to Rav & asked, “Tell me the aetiology of Peripheral Vascular Disease!”… errr…err..Rav that usually have the answer stuttered in fear, “co-morbid condition….”, “bloody fools, you shut up, who knows the answer tell me!”

I knew and i said to myselfm don’t put up your hand and don’t answer, but i put my up hand anyhow since i couldn’t stand his voice anymore, just wanna get this over with, with the hope of success.

“Aetiology of it can divided into Acute & Chronic…”.


I am relieved

“Tell me what is your next thinking process, to think about the aetiology”

My mind directly pinpoint at The Famous Prof V Aetiology Table, but i held back, since i don’t think this table could fit in the Peripheral Vascular Disease.

“According to Aetiology Table, Sir.” Answered by Raz loudly.

Prof V stared at me with that damning look and said, “Bloody fool, Why can’t u think of the Aetiology Table? You Bloody Disgrace, I know you don’t read and yet you said so, Liar!”

When everyone was stunned, Raz was shaking and the following question he couldn’t answer that leads to the famous two words form the Prof V.


As expected: “I want you all to go to library and read everything in this topic”

Unexpected: “Come back at 6PM and we will continue this class until it finishes”

6PM – 7.30PM we were having the class.

7.30PM – 10PM my group alone has to go to night posting

So, ultimately today, we were having class from 8AM till 10PM. Long & Painful.

We made it through & Canon 20D [Tuesday, 9th June 09]

By luck, or fated it seems, we are going to meet our “beloved” Prof V again for Prostate clinic conducted by him in Muar Hospital.

But perseverance, hardwork and luck brought us to a smooth sailing, can’t be considered rare but strange enough, good and happy 2 HOURS LONG session with him.

Lunch break, i got home and i went to the post office and took my Canon 20D! Amazing stuff! it really looks like new! i’m soo happieee!! hehe

In the afternoon, we had class with Dr. MM on burns and skin grafts. in the night we continued our Night Posting. I knew i will have exam tomorrow. but the thought of the warning Dr. HH has given that we stayed throughout the night posting without fail because our Prof might check on us creeping in me, and i stayed up till only at 10.30PM.

The Panic Attack of Unexpected Circumstances of an Exam. [Wednesday, 10th June 09]

I drove ayim’s car to Muar, and while at it, i’m anxious of what gonna turns out for me, as today is my end-of-posting test for surgery posting. Me, Char,and ayim know that we gonna be taken by Prof.S which has a reputation of failing students, and also has a reputation of being fair at giving marks.

I tried to calm myself deep inside, i knew that i’m gonna present the case i had clerked yesterday, after Prof V’s session. But what lies ahead is what i didn’t even expect.

Just when i reached the Ward, i went to the boy and said, “Apa kabar? ada baik ke hari ni?”

Then he answered = “Tak boleh la bro, baru operation malam tadi.”

Sudden Attack of Panic shoots right through me. I roam around to find for cases and i saw an uncle which i saw yesterday, he was very very superbly cooperative! but he has the same complaints with ayim’s case.

After ayim giving me a blessing and permission to go ahead with the same case, without wasting time i tried to be fast but i was stuttering due to undue anxiety.

While i was talking to the patient, then came a student nurse. “Can we do an ECG on him?”, reluctantly while smiling i said, “Okay yes, why not? hehehe”. A smile on my face but a frown in my heart with palpitation beating hard with anxiousness.

After that, i realized i am lagging behind and i need to speed up, then came a senior staff nurse, saying to the patient, “Uncle, Uncle kene pegi X-Ray ye kejap lagi..”

I was like…… What??!@$%!#%??  no no no… wait…wait..don’t go away…. i haven’t finished collecting information to make a diagnosis yet. I haven’t have a diagnosis thus it is incomplete, the same as, i’m stucked. again. The second panic attack came shriveling down this time from above downward.

I am anxious and clueless, sweats soaked my shirt, and some running down my forehead and into my ear. My soaked shirt is not seen from outside since i wore quite a thick lab-coat.

All i can do is pray inside of me is, “Please Allah, help me with something, anything, even a small thing. Amin.”

Just when i want to start to create an artificial history, Alhamdulillah, within a minute, the help came, when Raz came & told me he had also clerk the patient yesterday, yay! He shares with me the patient’s history and completes all information that i needed & i quickly arranged my presentation before Prof S coming in.

Remember. Always believe in Allah’s help. Always believe. Always.

Alhamdulillah, My Presentation went well and smooth with the usual stumble here and there, but i managed through with difficulty at the treatment part. I got 28/50, written by Prof S. right in front of my eye.

I am happy. Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah.

Then, I ponteng the Medical Ethics class, went to Dr. HH class and also ponteng the night posting as well.

I don’t usually ponteng but i was so damn tired, i couldn’t care more, and i just wanted to relax and chilled out. Alhamdulillah.

The Good-food eating-streak

As per usual, the good-food-eating-streak came right after any event in my life and this time it is the combo of:

1) Nasi Briyani Tanam Kambing at Hash Fa Has, Bukit Baru, Melaka for Lunch after the exam;

2) The Melt-in-your-mouth-makes-you-feel-high Double Cheese Nan with Wing Tandoori Chicken at Pak Putra, Bandar Hilir, Melaka for the Dinner;

3) Nasi Briyani Muara Super Gam Kambing at Muara Briyani House in Muar for Lunch just now (Thurday).

ask me if you want to know more about the restaurants that i mentioned above.

Live Long & Prosper. 🙂


Written by abduljabbar

June 11, 2009 at 6:27 pm

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