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A New Dawn

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My ibook is dead. I’m doing a radical surgery on it based on instructions from the web with few screwdrivers. My goal? Frankenstein style of resurrection of the ibook?   Could be.

I brought back computer desktop from my house in bangi all the way to Melaka, and at last after 3 weeks, i have a working computer in my room. Gosh, how dependent we are to this inanimate thing! Furthermore, it frightens me that i am actually can’t live without The Internet, the untouchable, surreal thing that intertwined with our lives.

I will try to learn to be detachable wherever it is important, and control my own time, and not letting the computer controlling my time.

Referring to the topic, Tomorrow is a new dawn for me. A new beginning. I’m hoping that i can accept whatever the result should be. I’m praying hard for it to go my way.

I’m foolish, careless, sad, guilty but still i want it my way.

Human-being can be a real bad-ass greedy. Mark my word,  “We want more for what we do less.”


Written by abduljabbar

July 13, 2009 at 1:09 am

Posted in special event

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