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1. w.bloggar

I am currently using a long-awaited software that i have tried to find for quite a long time, this one that i have found is called w.bloggar, quite a funny name but it does a great job with great features.

I love the appearance of wordpress that looks like a professional blog, but i hate all the non-functioning tools in their website, and slow loading of the dashboard (although quite good looking) that has been so far discouraging me from posting regularly.

But today, i found this tool after a correct search term in google, and yes! try it for yourself, it can also associate with blogspot, and plus other blog sites also.

2. new computer

my beloved ibook is all but dead, until i continue my radical surgery on him, he is as good as dead. pity…. but it’s been almost 2 weeks now that i’ve been using this desktop that i brought from my house (my dad’s desktop), i know i know, it’s windows.

i love using this computer, just for one reason. it’s LG 20-inch LCD screen which is so stunning that makes me forgive windows for being such a jerk. I’ve been dreaming of using a large screen since i have known the computer at 7 years old. this is just a beginning, later in life i wanted it to be at least 40-inch! haha… i can’t believe how much we are dependent to this inanimate object, but, whatever, everyone is.

3. new spirit

i have been troubled with many problems lately, some of which i can’t even tell my friends, let alone write it down here (some people it is the other way around, right?).

but so far, i have taken those small steps that i thought i should take. i think i am gaining more confidence that has been slowly eroded away for the past few months.

so, big thanks from my brain and heart to anyone, who, hope or even pray for me so that things will turns out to be better for me.

but most importantly, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving more hardships so that i can cherish everything more & more from now on.

4. Endau-Rompin National Park

the weekend of last week i, tepet, fariq & razak went to the Endau Rompin National. it really was a blast! it was a journey of mental strength. the jungle trekking required more of mental strength rather than body fitness. It was from the Selai gate of the National park. please google it okay!

Written by abduljabbar

July 26, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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