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The Zee Avi Magic

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In May, a breakthrough artist, Zee Avi, of Malaysian origin, was introduced to the US of A & hailed from the youtube star goes by the name of KokoKaina. It was started as she wanted only to show her friend her videos and suddenly got a hit from the ever-expanding youtube addicts.

She started to post some songs on her page and it goes on well for her & finally on 19th May, her self-titled album was released and after that she went on to do a tour around the US.

Around at the same time, another artist of also Malaysian origin breakthrough the Malaysian Music Scene goes by the name of Yuna. Her songs are good & she is a hit among Malaysian youtube user, much more than Zee Avi.

I listened to Zee Avi before i heard of Yuna, back in the days where she still is KokoKaina.

After listened for prolonged period of time, i still think i like Zee Avi’s song better than Yuna, with Zee Avi voice is way better then Yuna also.

I want to share with all of you my favourite song in her album, called “Monte”. and yes, read the lyric carefully & try understand it’s meaning.

Oh yes, she is just magical, and so talented. Let’s hope for more artist like her with such quality to arise for our music industry.


Flowers in the ground they wilt way
Sun in the sky it fades away
Make the funniest shapes from the cloud so grey
the breeze in the trees they blow my way

I was told my soul was old
Why can’t I understand it all
if my soul was really old
I wonder if i could change this world

Life has given me obstacles
still I bite my tongue say it’s wonderful
I’m just glad I’m still around
I’m even more glad when things are down

But you, you came to break me
oh you, you came to save me

Life’s too short for what if’s and plans
so let the day take you by the hand
get your filofax we’ll go and burn them
but I’m too old for ‘damn the man’

I make a wish on a star at night
the brightest star that’s in the sky
Only to have realized
that it was just a satellite

But you, you came to calm me
oh you, you came to cool me

*The lyric which i make bold is my favourite part.


Written by abduljabbar

July 30, 2009 at 11:08 am

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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  1. hey,nice voice la zee avi ni..
    dua2 pun sdp..
    lgi pun yuna pki tudung..


    October 16, 2009 at 10:14 pm

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