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It’s a crazy 2 weeks & Which One?

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1) It’s a crazy 2 weeks
Now i’m currently in O&G posting, contrary to previous groups feedback, the O&G is not smooth sailing as “they” say it would be. It all started when our lecturer,
Karanth, make a mess and kantoi kan us during the 4th day of the posting. Since then everyone especially my group leader is traumatized, and i’m getting psychotized by him to be afraid of our lecturer.

I don’t like this because day to day i go following trying to follow the schedule as strictly as possible just to ensure no lecturer getting angry.
it’s like being a prisoner in a prison with invisible boundaries. Our mindset is creating the prison’s boundaries caused by a significant incidence.

2) Which One?

Anyway, i came across a situation that occuring in front of me in the labour theatre during the one of the night posting.

There’s one labor room that has a women A in her 4th pregnancy where i was asked nicely by the doctor in-charge to observe the baby heart monitoring and adjust the transmitter if the machine got slightly weird.

I asked the doctor if there is any other machine that might worked well, and he said, this women needs different kind of tools where you monitor the baby’s heart directly from the baby’s head. This is because the monitoring shows the baby is currently having a distress. But there is a problem.

There is only one piece of that tool available. It is being used for another woman B in the room beside the room i’m in.

The tool is being used because the woman cannot sit still, rolling rolling around and screaming loudly asking for the doctor, she get up from the bed, stand by the side of it, and screams, lying down again, and scream, again and again. I asked my friend, ayim, who is looking over the woman B, and she answered, “first pregnancy”. and i said, “Oh, No wonder”.

No wonder the normal monitoring cannot be used, the normal monitoring is the one that you strapped it around your abdomen, and will get loose if you do not lie down still.

Back in the room of the woman A, the normal monitoring showing further distress of the baby, and persistently every 15 minutes.

The Golden Question is: Who should get the tool when the resource is limited?

Both woman A & B needs it, but only one can get it. If you are the doctor in charge, you should decide there and then.

From my point of view, the condition of woman A looks more serious, but she really kept quiet, does not scream at all. In comparison, the woman B condition looks perfectly okay but the scream and yelling was out of this world, screaming like there’s no tomorrow, screaming so loud that some of the people inside the labor theater got several shock everytime it gets louder, hey, it includes me also!

From the sound of it, we may think that the screaming woman B is in more worse condition but if we analyze correctly, the woman A is the one who need the tool.

But the doctor were smarter, as he postponed as late as possible, and just enough reason for him to take the tool from the woman B to the woman A. It changes everything.

When the tool was applied on baby of woman A, it became clearer that the baby is in distress, and action is need to take out the baby ASAP.

The MO was called in & upon review she decided to go with vacuum delivery of the baby, and the rest is history. The baby came out crying loudly much to the relief of everyone there.

And the baby got a round swelling taking the shape of the vacuum cup on his scalp. Everyone is Happy.

But, the woman B continues to screams!


Written by abduljabbar

August 15, 2009 at 9:32 pm

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