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I am elated, I am so happy, in fact, it’s been so long i haven’t felt like this. do you know why? A miraculous thing happened by a simple stroke of action by myself.

Have you ever been in situation, where you’ve been searching for one thing for so long, and it’s actually really right there in your possession?

it is actually right there under my nose, eventhough i have been searching it through my stuff over and over again so many time for the past few years!

I just found it tonight right before i writing this post!

for those who are lazy to read the detailed story, i provide the summary:

I found the DVD containing 2.5gb pictures of my travel to South of India that i have been searching for the past 3 years.
To my suprise, it has been there all along inside a mysterious returned maill from my girlfriend that i sent to her from India to Sabah, and returned back to me as she did not received it.
I kept it there and never knew what is inside till tonight i opened it and i was shocked that it is the dvd that i have been searching for.
For that, Alhamdulillah! What a ramadhan miracle!

The complete story goes:

1) During September 2005, I went on a trip, a travel to South part of India, to Ooty, and etc…

2) It was my first and the stepping stone for my further great journey afterwards.

3) After we got back from the 15days travel non stop, i made a copy in my harddisk, burnt 2 dvd copies to my 2 friends who went to the travel.

4) I also made a copy for my girlfriend and sent it to Sabah where she stays

5) At the end of 2005, i got myself an ipod photo, i made it a storage for all my photo. I lost my ipod when i left it in the express bus i took from Bangalore to Manipal. I was very frustrated at that time and very much in despair as several gigabytes of my photos lost just like that. 50% of it is unrecoverable since i have no other backup.

6) I knew that i have at least 3 backup, one with me, 2 with my friends.

7) When i wanted to arrange and collect all the photo together at around mid 2006, unfortunately, my copy have gone away, and very unfortunately also, the other 2 copies also lost, my friend said he will try to find it, and he still said the same in 2009.

8) I embarked on a quest on finding my copy since then up till now, i made searching every few months, i never gave up hope.

9) The copy that i sent to my girlfriend never reached her. But a few months after i sent her the copy, i got a mysterious returned mail back to me that i sent to her. I sent a lot of DVD and letter to her from India, and i believe the returned mail did not contain the DVD of the Traveling to the south.

10) so it has been in my possession since mid 2006. I did not even bother to open the plastic-wrapped mail that i have kept for so long.

11) I opened it just now, and found a dvd inside, untitled, i did not label anything on it. I put it in my friend’s computer as i did not have a cd drive

12) I scream with delight! I was so happy. I got it back, the thing that i have lost for so long, i has been searching it for as long as i can remember.

Now, my photo collection of my travel in India has been completed! I am so happy!!


Written by abduljabbar

August 26, 2009 at 12:07 am

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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