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My Best Friend’s Wedding

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It was 11 years ago when i met him,
Our Butterfly effect was when i came to him and greet him: “Kelas sama, dorm sama, masuk pun sama!”.
It was the first instance i could think of the first time i meet him,
It was during March of the year 1998.

What went on after that was none of that i could ever imagine at that time, in 1998.
Befriended him, and going through the years of boarding school together for 5 years is magnificent.
Boring boarding school became such a wonderful journey filled with memories.

Knowing him, with all our playful life at that time, were the joy of that time,
with crack of jokes, moment of madness of being caught by the warden,
“fly” from school, every wednesday is a movie day at GSC seremban,
and every thursday night is a Nasi Lemak eating day at 12 midnight.
and a thousands more stories of our time together.

Between me and him, i was the first to have a girlfriend,
Between me and him, i managed better with girls while he was very shy, and blushes in any instance with girls,
Between me and him, back then, we always thought i will be the first to get married,
Finally, Between me and him, he is first to be married, with someone who he loves so dearly.

I am so glad and happy for him that he finally married the only woman to have make his heart moves,
The one that he cares and truly loves, The woman that are willing to give all her might to take care of him,
and for that my friend, in taking the big leap of mariage, i believe you and her,
in Allah’s blessing, will hopefully lead to a divine happiness with endless sweet memories ahead of both of you.

Lastly, Congratulation my friend, for your big wish has finally came true. I wish all the best for your future endeavour.

10/10/2009 & 11/10/2009: Khalifah Alam Maya & Virgobiru.


Written by abduljabbar

October 12, 2009 at 11:51 am

Posted in special event

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