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another 6 more hours to meet the lover

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last year when i went to sabah to meet her,
my father asked: Why are you going to Sabah for that long, for one week?
i told: compared to other people, i spend more time with you dad, more than i spent with her
and he smiled and said “OK!”

the fact:
8 years 9 months of duration
1600km of distance
2 hours 20 minutes of Boeing 737 flight or 2 hours 30 minutes of Airbus 320 flight
14 months since last meeting
another 6 hours for next meeting
i’m getting super nervous before every meeting

one prominent sign that i am super nervous even without those anxiety symptoms is:
The detailed scrutinized planning i lay out for the 2 days activity. and keep checking and thinking whether it is precise or not
Counting and estimating time of travel between places of interest.
Making a list and calculating estimated cost

Do i look that paranoid?

huuuuh, i am so nervous.

Oh my lover, come and meet me in another 6 hours!
i’ve been waiting for 14 months, i’m sure i can wait another 6 hours!


Written by abduljabbar

October 17, 2009 at 2:21 am

Posted in special event

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