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BMI : An Easy Calculation of Health Risk, Not fatness!

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Everyone know how to calculate BMI, and everyone think they know what BMI is.

BMI is actually is not a measure of how fat are you, or how thin are you, but instead it is a measure of health risk below and above the normal BMI.

Experts, and researchers have done studies all over the world including large sample of people and patients and study the weight/height relationship with health risks, mainly cardiovascular (heart), hypertension, diabetes mellitus, mortality, anorexia nervosa and several malnutrition diseases.

For example:

low BMI may indicate you might have additional health risk, either due to anorexia nervosa, or nutritional problems and nutritional deficiency that may lead to reduced inability to fight off infections, anemia, tiredness and so on.

high BMI may indicate you might have health risk such as hypertension, heart problem, diabetes, obesity and so on.

Since ages before we have been using BMI 18-25 as normal range for BMI. and remember! having a normal BMI doesnt mean your body figure looks good, but it means in this range of BMI you have the least health risk factor comparing to the low and high BMI people.

However, for ASIAN, WHO has done a wide-scale, big sample population studies to redefine the BMI range since we are completely different from european and americans.

in 2005 they release a new, redefined BMI scales!

Asian BMI Classification

Severe thinness <16
Moderate Thinness 16.00-16.99
Mild Thinness 17.00-18.49
Normal 18.50-22.99
Overweight 23.00-27.49
Obese class I 27.50-32.49
Obese Class II 32.50-37.49
Obese Class III >37.50

So it means, make yourself work towards the Normal BMI, to reduce health risks in the road to be healthier!

Remember! Normal BMI = least health risks, NOT ideal body figure!


Written by abduljabbar

December 18, 2009 at 12:31 pm

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