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Alcohol Fictional Story based on DSM IV

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Mr. Voldemort (bukan nama sebenar) has been having many problems with his wife in the past few months. In addition to that, his boss at work always scolded him for various reason. One day, a colleague have asked him to go to a bar, to join them drinking the night away.

At first he resisted the urge by his colleagues, but the thin red line is becoming thinner. his Superego is becoming weak to stop him from crossing the line.

He gulped down the first taste of beer. Quickly he satisfied with it, and continued to drink and ordering more and more as the night goes on.

By few hours he became drunk, and started laughing loudly, followed by sudden crying in the bar telling about his series of unfortunate events in his life, but no one could understand him as his speech is slurred. Thereafter, he suddenly punched the bartender that made the bartender fainted.

Everyone in the bar got up and yelled at him and his colleague and threw them out of the bar. His colleague became unsatisfied & angry at him.

Eventually he left the place, his gait already unsteady (drunken), with inability to walk in a straight line, but somehow he got to his car and drove away.

His incoordination totally all over the place, for which he is being stopped by a policemen. The policemen saw his eyes is moving horizontally in repeated manner for which the policmen became suspicious and tested him using breath analyzer that shows high amount of alcohol.

He was detained and subsequently charged with dangerous driving under influence of alcohol.

After he was freed, he went off to find a new work since he has been fired. he continues to drink and drink and drink his life away.

For a few months, he felt that the same amount of drink could not satisfy him, and he kept on increasing the amount of his drink from 20 can of beer daily to almost 40 can within the space of 3-4 months.

As he goes on about his new habit, he felt uneasy several hours after a bout of heavy drink. he felt his heart beating, sweating for no reason, anxious, his hand shaking by itself, vomiting and vomiting continuously. This cause him to lose his new job at an office as he kept being out of work and he became more and more lonely as more and more friends going away from him.

He felt that he always drink more and spent time longer in the bar than he intended to, and he felt he need more and more time to get sober from moderate to heavy drink. He knows that he rarely went to do things that he loves to do before such as going for movies, fishing and playing football because of befriending the alcohol too much.

At the time he realize he has a problem with alcohol, he knows he can’t stop and always needed an opener drink every waking up in the morning.

He is absolutely annoyed by criticism from his wife every seconds of the day, and felt guilty of his current problematic drinking behaviour.

Cutting down is his absolute aim now, but despite various an multiple effort, he failed each and every single time.

and he goes on drinking and drinking his life away, despite knowing all of it’s destructive effect.

the vicious cycle continues for the next 5 months. it has been 9 months since his first sip of beer.

At this moment in time, the divorce proceeding has already completed and his wife has been freed from him.

The night that court judgement been given, he went on a craze. he withdraw a lot of his money, and there’s only one place in his mind, the bar.

With his pervasive sad mood, and losing of all hopes, he ordered and drinks such an amount that even the owner of the bar is having a shock of his life.

He continues drinking without realizing he hasn’t eat all day long of anything at all. At the end of the night, he felt something he has never felt before. He started to felt confused with his surrounding and felt unreal and felt his vision is doubled.

Upon going out of the bar, he felt his walking is extraordinarily unstable but he made it to his house using a taxi. Upon entering his house, he suddenly fell off on his bed and dove off.

over the course of next few months, this has been his ordinary alternate day routine.

Suddenly one day came, and 6 police cars with loud buzz came to his house and break into his house and caught him lying down on the bed. He is being detained but does not know why.

A detective came in for questioning in a room in the police headquarters.

“what did you do yesterday between 10am to 5pm?”

He smiled at the detective and thought there’s nothing wrong. Nothing wrong until…

until he actually cannot recall what he did yesterday. he started sweating his pant and shirt.

he actually cannot even recall what he did last night. he only remembered that he went to petrol pump at around 6.30pm with a set of new clothes.

“At 10am i went to work at the grocery store, and went off for lunch alone at a kedai makan, then i went back to work until 5pm”. He started making a story. Since he knows yesterday was his working day.

“Shut your f****** lies”. “i’ll see you in court”

When he is being detained, he felt uneasiness after the first 12 hours, his body started shaking, his heart racing, and he became restless, started sweating, felt nauseated. After 3 days, he started getting confused with his surrounding, blurring in and out, as he felt his world going in and away, from normal to drowsy to normal again, until he saw his wife inside the cell with him, that made him scream his lungs away.

“what are you doing here?”

“I came because i felt sorry that i left you, that i made you became worse, until you’ve been in this cell”

“why am i in here?”

“I’m also not sure darling, but im sure you are innocent”

Getting afraid and paranoid, he called up the prison guard and asked the guard to take away his wife out of his cell.

“F****** idiot, just sit there and shut your f****** mouth”

“Hey, she shouldn’t f****** be here, chase her away for godsake!”

“Are you f****** playing with me?” and the guards goes in and give him quite a beating.

“Crazy idiot, dirty little bast***, if your wife is here, i’ll probably give her a beating too”

then he realized, his wife only is a short-lived true to life image that anyone cannot see. and he is thinking whether he’s going crazy or not.

As he was brought to the court the next few days, he was sentenced for electrocution, the first time in the country of such , for rapes and first degree murders of 10 girls near his house.

He did not remembered anything at all. Not even a single bit. He pleaded not guilty but the judge wont buy any of it.

As he went through the few years in jail, then came today, 20 february 2010, the judgement day.

Witnessed by many people and aired live across the country, he was electrocuted while drinking his last sip of his favourite beer, the boisson beer.


Written by abduljabbar

February 20, 2010 at 6:35 pm

Posted in kehidupan seharian

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  1. At least he didn’t get arrested in Arizona. They have some of the most severe penalties in the US. Read about the penalties enforced under Arizona DUI law, not too pretty.

    Todd Romero

    March 6, 2010 at 6:58 am

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